Experian Credit Monitoring

experian credit monitoring

By enrolling in the Experian credit monitoring program you will have unlimited access to your Experian credit report. This can be very valuable because your credit report can change on a daily basis, and there can even be mistakes make in reporting your credit history to Experian.

It is just good business to be able to keep track of your credit score, because if you know where your credit score is today, you will know what can be done to improve it.

The Experian credit monitoring program gives you a dashboard which provides easy access to all of the features that you will need in order to keep an active eye on all that is happening with your credit.

experian credit monitoringIncluded is a very easy-to-read summary of your credit situation, and fast access to all your updated credit reports, the latest credit scores, and recent alerts pertaining to your credit. You will have ready access to your Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion credit reports. They are monitored on a daily basis, and if any information has changed or been added, you will receive an email accordingly. This is significant, because one agency might have a change that the others don’t, so this really keeps things up-to-date.

Any new alerts that are not posted yet show up on your dashboard, and these can be view in the alerts center. Changes occur in public records, potentially negative information, Hard inquiries that are new, address changes and new accounts.

There is information in these credit reports that are constantly being changed, added to or subtracted from. Things can be altered and changed once a day or even several times per day. The information is basically a snapshot of where you are from a credit standpoint at that very moment.

You will also receive a statement on a monthly basis in regard to your credit score, any alerts, and a synopsis of the key information from a financial standpoint that lenders might use to evaluate your credit history and rate you. There will also be included, a summary of all of your open and closed accounts, along with any delinquencies. The open accounts reflect current balances as of the date that the report was prepared. At the end of the section, it will show the total debt and account totals.

You will also have access to a variety of credit score tools including credit score tracking, which sends an email whenever your score goes up or down. The score estimator shows how various credit behaviors will affect the score.

Smarter is a feature that tells you when your credit score goes up or down, or reaches a certain goal that you can customize. Alerts are received from all three credit reporting agencies, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion when there are changes. Smarter helps you to make smarter financial decisions so you can know when it is the best time to apply for credit. Regular alerts can also help you notice inaccuracies so that you can file an Experian dispute immediately and rectify the problem.

This is an excellent tool to keep track and stay focused on your credit situation so you can build it to be the best that it can be.

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